Biography (English)

Ayuna Mano was born in Hikone City, Shiga Prefectuire, and grew up touching art under the influence of her father, an art teacher, and her mother, a vocalist.  Since she lived in a countryside rich in nature, her playmates were mostly plants and the animals that lived in them, always feeling the many lives that existed in this universe. From an early age she loved to inflate her fantasies and draw, and to write stories and poems. When she was in elementary school, she had a strong sense of going on the path of art.After graduating from art school, she stayed abroad, but her family developed a mental illness and returned to Japan.Immediately after that, a two-year nursing life begins.At this time, she witnesses how the invisible "mind" and the "body" that should be visible affect each other, and the balance keeps human life delicately.And this event had a great impact on her subsequent life. While spending time with his family, She began to learn various therapies to heal her family, realized that working on the mind of art and therapy had a common power in the process. And her style of painting changed from that time.

After finishing her nursing life, she began working as an assistant to an artist in Tokyo, but as she became more eager to learn more about therapy, she finally began to study again to become a therapist.

When she first visited Hawaii, she learned of Hawaii's healing and was impressed with its healing and prayer philosophy.

And she herself becomes a healing practitioner and began to heal people.Not only that, She also study crystal therapy, color psychology, aromatherapy, etc., and continue to work while interacting with people.


The work she produces expresses the healing energy that works gently and strongly on the human mind through the history of her life.


In addition to motifs such as the natural world, heavenly world, angels, and wings that she has loved since childhood, in recent years she has also worked on works about image of energy itself.